Need an investment loan?
A Flip Loan?
A Landlord Loan?
Transactional Funding?
We loan Up To 70% of ARV
No Application
No Credit Check
No Appraisals
No Pre-Inspection
No Prepay Penalty
No Survey
No Upfront Fees
Loan Options:
• 13%-15% and 3-4 points 
• $1,500 processing fee
*Processing fee is only collected if you close / buy the home

We do NOT have an application or application fee. We lend up to 70% of ARV. We do NOT require survey, inspections, appraisals, and there is no prepay penalty 6 month loan with option to extend every 3 months for 1 point (at our discretion).



We require at least 6 months of insurance on the home for at least our loan amount or higher. And the premium MUST be collected on the HUD.


We do not wire funds for closing until we have a fully executed closing pkg in Hand. For same day fundings, the closing pkg must be in our email by 12pm. Otherwise funding will roll to the next day.
On closing day we require a short video walkthrough starting from the street, Then show the address numbers, then walking into house for a quick walk around.


Monthly Payments

We require Monthly payments to be made by ACH/ Autodraft from your checking acct. You may pay by credit card, but you will be required to make payment 5 days prior to the 1st of each month and cover the service fee from the credit card companies.

Construction Draws

We charge anywhere from $100-$150 depending on location and timing. Draws are released only on COMPLETED repairs.